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Welcome to Project V-Spiders

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Today, November 5, 2013 We created the first entry in this adventure. It’s been quite a bit far from the origin of the idea to the first evidence of the creation of an object in three dimensions, but we will start at the beginning:

Day “Zero” , Santander will host the project V – spiders. A group of teachers and students to express their ideas to create a fun competition between schools in different European countries and the Integrated Training No.1 Santander Center . The premise : are small robots, known as the droids in the movies. It is intended that these small competing nonviolently , devices go through certain types of evidence with its artificial intelligence. Following a meeting of the teachers came to the understanding that the goal to pursue is the creation, by the imitation of an object within a circle , the bots will photograph 360 ° to complete a tracking chart its polymorphism maintaining a connection with a computer this will send the complete series of photographs and create a 3D model of the object , resulting convert other formats to reach the creation of objects using a 3D printer. After his exhibition in Cologne , communicate , feel the premises and ” avanti tutti ” .

Wednesday 16 – Training groups.-The choice thereof is assigned by affinity attitudes among students, but the project is still poorly defined, 4 groups are created though the idea to be developed by each of the groups is not quite defined.

Monday 21 – Allocation of tasks for each created group .-Defined, and begins to collect information from each group to focus on his goal. Four different types of robots (one per group), each with its own distinct characteristics, each with a distinct type of motor, and a common goal, make a copy from an object chosen after taking photographs through the robot assigned each group.

Tuesday 22 -Change groups and new assignment of tasks for every group. New objective and new directives to continuing for the different groups, this time the bots were extinguishing fires, persons were detecting etc. In this occasion the groups are assigned by the professorship. Our group is the manager of realizing the creation of a bot with chamber that realizes photos to a figure, it was ordering the images to a printer 3d, the choice of his motricidad runs of our own choice.

Wednesday 23 – We receive a workshop of initiation to the design 3d thanks to M.Barreneche in which in 2horas we start knowing the tools.

We come there is a conference on robotics given by the University of Cantabria. We work out disappointed with the level, the technical information was practically nule.

2013-10-23 19.20.32



Friday 27th – The team meets to agree on the choice of the structure of the robot, and download files to build the thingeverse  page for the election of some pieces performed a sketch-up that will be very similar in structure to. I want to build robot:


Tuesday 29 – An email and a blog to get in touch with other groups abroad is created. Textual image capture (images Peña). The result of these is not satisfactory. We also propose a novel alternative in case the first project can not be carried out.

Wednesday 30 – Meeting with the teachers to see the progresses of the groups. Again the senseless bureaucracy gives us a blow of reality on having verified that we cannot form a part of the principal web of the project vspiders on having had the norm of people not to register that not this one registered.

Thursday 31 – The First test of capture of positive image. We manage to create an object 3D without too much detail with an iPhone and the software 123Catch, and repaired with the NetFabb we manage to turn it to *.STL. Once come to this point we cannot advance any more because we do not have material means.

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