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We have found a lot of difficulties with the bot´s potential actions. At the beginning we were working on the design of a bot which executed a technical action, but realized that it would be too complicated and too long of a process due to the construction and programming of the bot.
After that, we began to look for bots with peculiar characteristics that would provide us a singular action to carry out.

In the end we had decided on a four wheel cart with a fire extinguisher on it.










We had another problem when we ended the shell mount and connections of the printer. At the hour of plugging it in and starting it up, the printer did not work. The problem was in the Arduino mega 2560 board. The board didn´t give the specific output voltages and the teachers decided to order another new board from the dealer.
The Arduino mega 2560 board arrived to our school in a few days.






When everything in the printer was working properly again, we began to print some trial pieces to verify the correct functioning of the printer.

Here, we found some problems in the process. The first problem was that the calibration was wrong and we had to calibrate it again. In addition we had another problem with the printing temperature. The temperature was too low for the plastic that we were using (in this case we were using PLA type) and the pieces were not constructed correctly.

This was due to a problem in the program, where we had generated the g-code. We solved this problem by configuring the temperature in this program and not in the printer program.


And now, we only have to print all the microbot pieces.


This is the first printed piece at the 3D printer:


Last Updated on Thursday, 27 March 2014 15:22

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Meeting at SDIG classroom:

- The teacher´s team will transmit us the principal idea. The idea is to build a microbot which does a particular action. The microbot will be built with the help of a 3D printer that the Centro Integrado de Formación Profesional Nº1 is going to get in the next days. The final objective the robot will be decided by our group and the will meet all specifications.

- Settle on the objectives and organize the work´s team.

- Define the work´s teams in a four balanced and efficient groups.

- Debate about the possible formats of the microbot´s construction for each group, by general consensus.

- Each group choices his format.



Meeting at SMEL classroom:

-  Each group will must determine his project. In addition, the group will have to define the action that the microbot will be going to do and how will be going to do it (Software to use).

- Meeting of each group to make a decision about it.

- After that, our group decided that the microbot was going to have the following characteristics:

             - Construction´s format: Four wheels cart.

             - Action to perform: Fire extinguisher.

             - Software to program: Arduino

- The microbot´s choice and the software to use, will be done with the help of the large documentation that the teachers have provided us.

- In our case, we have to decide a format that brings us the possibility to put an extinguisher in the microbot´s shell.



Meeting at SMEL classroom:

After the first week that be used to make decisions and distribute tasks, our work´s team have 
organized in this way:

Guillermo Peña:

In charge of the blog´s creation and broadcasting (Blogger) where he will explain all the information about the project´s development. In addition he will be responsible for add the difficulties found day by day.

José Talavera:

In charge of the project´s description. He has to provide all the details about the microbot´s  construction, his programing & the phases of the same during all the project´s evolution..    

Jesús Torre:

In charge of the project´s development with the corresponding documentation in the day by day evolution (Calendar). In addition he has to assignment the work between the group members.



Meeting at SDIG classroom:

Today we have chosen the microbot´s model that we are going to build, considering that this one allows us to put the extinguisher on it.

As well, we have concluded that the fire extinction will be inside an enclosed area. So with the help of optical sensors that we will hitch at the microbot´s shell, this one always keeps moving inside the enclosed area until it finds the fire and extinctions it...

How we talked about it, the programming will be realized by Arduino. We have a manual of it and with this help we will program the microbot.


Meeting at SDIG classroom:

Today we have received the 3D printer at the high school. After the unpacking of it, we have proceeded to his mount with the help of the attached manual. At the end of mount the shell off the printer, we did the wiring connection. When all this process ended, we have to do the printer´s calibration. At this step we have decided for a standard calibration. We only had to plug the printer and switch on it to verify his operation.

Here, we have the first problem that we have found in the project´s development.

All the problems that we are going to find all along the project will be write up into the problems and solutions section.

This is the 3D printer that we have received:




Meeting at SDIG classroom:

Today we have begun to work in the microbot's pieces. At first, we had to design the pieces of the microbot and all his parts with a program called sketchup. To do this pieces and parts, we count with the help of Manuel Barreneche, who have experience with how to design and he thought us. This is a program where you can generate the necessary code to export it to the printer´s program (Repetier-hostV0.90C) and begin to print.



Meeting at SDIG classroom:

We begin to print the microbot´s pieces with the 3D printer. We firstly print the main pieces of the shell to test if the 3D printer works correctly. When everything was alright, we print the first piece of the microbot. This is a slow process considering that the building of the main piece longs for a 3 hours and the microbot have several pieces. While the pieces are printing we will do some test with the pieces and the components that are assembled on theirs (water tank, servos, Arduino board...)


Meeting at SDIG classroom:

We had a problem with the motors, because our distributor couldn’t send it. He sent us an e-mail where he said he couldn’t get motors to send us, so we have to search another motor which fit into our microbot’s structure.



Meeting at SDIG classroom:

We had a problem with the 3D printer because it broke down and we had to repair it, apart from that we were limited print time, so we've been forced to buy a new printer.






Meeting at SDIG classroom:

We had to repeat some microbot’s parts in the new printer and we just defined the structure of the microbot.




Meeting at SDIG classroom:

We still haven't got the engines but we have almost all of the microbot's built, and we are waiting for the news of the teachers about the pieces we don’t have


Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 February 2014 13:28


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