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We have found a lot of difficulties with the botīs potential actions. At the beginning we were working on the design of a bot which executed a technical action, but realized that it would be too complicated and too long of a process due to the construction and programming of the bot.
After that, we began to look for bots with peculiar characteristics that would provide us a singular action to carry out.

In the end we had decided on a four wheel cart with a fire extinguisher on it.










We had another problem when we ended the shell mount and connections of the printer. At the hour of plugging it in and starting it up, the printer did not work. The problem was in the Arduino mega 2560 board. The board didnīt give the specific output voltages and the teachers decided to order another new board from the dealer.
The Arduino mega 2560 board arrived to our school in a few days.






When everything in the printer was working properly again, we began to print some trial pieces to verify the correct functioning of the printer.

Here, we found some problems in the process. The first problem was that the calibration was wrong and we had to calibrate it again. In addition we had another problem with the printing temperature. The temperature was too low for the plastic that we were using (in this case we were using PLA type) and the pieces were not constructed correctly.

This was due to a problem in the program, where we had generated the g-code. We solved this problem by configuring the temperature in this program and not in the printer program.


And now, we only have to print all the microbot pieces.


This is the first printed piece at the 3D printer:


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